When you are in love there is a bond that forms between both partners...a kizuna. The bond is different for each and every pair...however when the two lovers are seperated this bond, if it is a true kizuna, will never break. Now being separated doesn't always mean in differnt countries or realms. You can be seperated by miles and miles...or you can see eachother everyday at the same bus stop to go home... This is a story about two people very much in love, forced to break-up and reminise about their time spent together. One sees the other while the other never notices..then vice-versa...however the bond, the kizuna, between them has not been broken...and never will... ~*~COMPLETED~*~
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hello!~ since ive finished this oneshot i decided to make a video for it! it includes some animation and some regular pics XD

to watch it click here -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9xVMhV2R1U

Enjoy ~


COMPLETED ~*~ Enjoy the oneshot and check out the art wing for color pics and troupe for character pics XD

Info About Issho ni...

Well this is one of my many oneshots that drift about in my head XD There aren't any names for the characters except the metrocard but thats a little 'pun' type XD. if you must call them something call them "The Boyfriend and The Girlfriend."

A little more background info is that both are in their junior year in highschool, so they are both allowed to work jobs.

The woman you see in the beggining with the lipstick is an owner of a well known night club. She is involed with gambling affairs,gangs and off-the-book deals. In other words she has connections...with the wrong people. She loves money yet she has a soft heart when it comes to love and friendship. You will see as we get more into the story how she inevitably causes a strong bond to form between the couple.

The setting of this story is an average rural town with city metro buses (MTA). (hence the metrocard) The two teens live within the same neighborhood, hence sometimes they take the same bus home together. The boy mostly rides his bike to school though.

Throughout the story the two see oneanother at a certain time or place and that triggers many flashbacks of when they use to be in a relationship together.

Well if i tell anymore i would be spoiling it XD so please enjoy the story and i hope you will love reading it as much as i loved making it~

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